Thursday, November 2, 2017

100 Word Challenge

It all started when he was yelling at me. I curled into a ball and started crying but he kept yelling. I slowly drifted asleep trying to ignore him, next thing I know the door slammed, I knew it was over. My heart slowly felt like it was cracking piece by piece.

I hear a gentle knock on the door so I walk over and open it. It's him.
“Hey there sweet cheeks,” he says.
“Don’t call me that, were over,” I replied sternly.

I close the door crumble into a pile of tears on the floor.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Tragedy in near by Pond - 100 Word Challenge

On Thursday the 14th of June locals of nearby town Summerville were surprised to find a horrifying tragedy in the nearby pond. Earlier in the day a 67 year old man by the name of Greg Johnson was reported missing, investigators have begun searching for his body. Police of Summerville are suspicious of local Bill Rodger who was around the crime scene at the time of the tragedy.  

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Swing of Change

Diamond wall paper covers the rotten walls pictures hang presently straight scissors lay flat on the polished counter.Soft music fill the room with a warm buzz. Sharpening his razor on the strop harry walks over to his best customer, ScccHHHHH! The razor  scrapes over the mans face ,shaving of the tiny hairs. suddenly the grammar phone stops harry walks over puzzled, he tries to crank the handle but it doesn't budge." I can take that hone to fix." Said Stanley, Harrys best customer.

All off a sudden harry jumps up and runs to the window some one was playing the trumpet. He looks out the window there is a black man standing out side of Harrys cut. Storming outside harry rips the trumpet out of the mans hands. But the man disappears, harry storms inside and places it on the counter. Glancing at the picture on the wall, he picks up the trumpet and starts playing. Suddenly the trumpet starts playing wild jazz music.

It looked like a crazy balloon out of control.What on earth is this trumpet doing? Harry thought to himself. Minuets later harry pics up the trumpet, he starts plying friendly jazz music. He plays so hard that he almost makes friends with the black man. Looking in there mirror sees a black man staring at him. Later that day harry wipes of  WHITES ONLY off the window.

Thursday, July 27, 2017


Click here for Jews Presentation

The past few weeks our class and another have been learning about injustice, injustice is where something is fair to one race but not the other. For instance American Slavery or Woman Voting. Heidi, Mahana and I researched about Jews, above is a slide show we made about it. The impact this has given on my life is that, I feel very privileged to live with my family and not in a prison camp.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Lately I have been in Hawaii with my family. We did lots of fun activities on the third day we went on a tour up to the north shore we jumped off a massive rock, swam with turtles went paddle boarding and we went to the dole plantation and ate pineapple soft serve. A few days later we went to Kona on big island there we stayed at the Hilton witch was  very fancy we went on a train or a boat to your room. At Kona we went swimming with dolphins, saw baby flamingos, went night snorkeling with manta rays, went zip lining which was the funniest time of my life. Then we flew back to Honolulu and chilled on the beach.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Hawaii (Pt 1.)

This Friday (9th of June 2017.) My family and I are traveling to Hawaii for a family holiday, we are staying in Honolulu for 5 days then going to Big Island for 3 days then back to honolulu for 4 days.

Our Museum Trip

The other day our class went to the Motueka Museum here is what I learned,